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Equipment for cleaning, transporting and recycling of process spillage.

Knowing the value of a new generation road sweeper, the DISA-CLEAN, click here


 New HOT Product on the market with an unique patent pending technique to handle HOT material.

Demands on the steel and metal industries to have action plans in place to reduce dust emissions from end users, authorities and nearby communities, are increasing. This new system from DISAB also meets the need for general cleaning within manufacturing sites and other areas, where it is vital to improve not only the working environment, but also the outdoor environment. 


New HOT product

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There is always a high demand for second hand industrial vacuum loaders, if you have a unit that you would like to sell, give us a call, as we have a long list of clients that are interested in these types of vacuum machines

Please call: Christer Magnusson +46 703 790 300, mail: 

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