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Wynnstay Group’s decision to purchase the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner DISAB CompVac™ in September last year is already paying dividends, with its Llansantffraid grain mill passing its latest UFAS inspection with flying colours.

According to Jamie Davies, the operative in charge of achieving the highest standards of cleanliness and general housekeeping at the Powys-based grain mill, “It’s much, much cleaner now we’ve got the DISAB CompVac™, compared to the standards we used to achieve with smaller industrial cleaning machines and manual cleaning methods.”

Large grain mills mean lots of spillages and dust to deal with

Wynnstay Group manufactures and supplies a wide range of agricultural inputs to farmers and the rural community in Wales, the Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire. Animal feeds are manufactured at Llansantffraid and Carm- arthen, and the Llansantffraid mill alone handles around 9,000 tonnes of grain a week.

To deal with the massive housekeeping challenges, Davies has a full time team of two operatives working around 40 hours a week normally at Llansantffraid, plus regular overnight plant maintenance shifts, as he explains “With the huge tonnage we’re dealing with day in and day out, the spillages can really mount up, especially from the conveyors.” 

“Last year we were using smaller vacuum machines from another company, but because of their much smaller capacity we were forever having to empty them. We were also using manual cleaning methods like sweeping and brushing but that tends to create more dust than is usefully removed!”

“I saw the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner online (, so we hired one for a month last August and it made an immediate difference. It’s suction power is in a different league, and its huge capacity – about one tonne of grain dust and waste – meant the cleaners spent their time cleaning instead of emptying.”

“With the quantities of spillages, waste and dust involved – spillages can be as much as two tonnes at a time, and are typically 200 to 300 kgs – the DISAB CompVac makes it far easier for our cleaning teams to keep on top of things and ensure the grain mill is cleaner than it has ever been!”

Disab CompVac - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Ideal flexibility, access all areas with the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – Disab CompVac™

Davies continues, “On top of that, the cleaners can remove dust much more easily wherever it gathers, at floor level or higher up in the plant itself. The Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is easy to move with a forklift, so it’s simple to take it wherever it’s needed and it’s 60’ flexible suction hose can reach almost anywhere within the plant. Because it’s vacuum-based and fully enclosed, there’s no risk of dust escaping at any point of the process either.”

And Davies particularly likes another capability: “We can raise the DISAB CompVac on its legs, place a one tonne grain bin directly underneath it and empty the grain straight into the bin. Then depending if it’s clean enough, we can either recycle it back into the processing plant or dispose of it. Typically we’ll be able to recycle around 70-80% of the spillages, which saves us a lot of grain, money and time!”

Far greater time efficiency

“The great thing is that this Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is enablingus to make much more efficient use of the time we schedule for cleaning and housekeeping. Frankly, you can’t compare the standards we achieve now with those Industrial vacuum cleaners we had before the DISAB CompVac. It’s much larger capacity and power, combined with being very easy to move around, use and reach all the nooks and crannies, means it’s as much as 3-4 times quicker than the ways in which we used to do the cleaning before.”

Disab CompVac - Industrial Cleaning Machine

Passing UFAS spot-checks with flying colours

With the DISAB CompVac Davies knows he’s got the ideal solution for passing the tough UFAS inspections, as he explains, “The bottom line is that the Llansantffraid mill is now much cleaner than ever before.”

“To reinforce that point, we’ve literally just passed our regular UFAS check. Because they’re spot- checks, we’ll never know when the inspectors are coming, but with the standards we’re achieving every day now, we’re always ready for them!” 

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