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In any steel manufacturing or metallurgical process, dust and waste material can have a significant and negative impact on production quality, as well as downtime and of course repair time. Very often this can represent valuable  material that can be recycled and re-processed.

A DISAB industrial vacuum truck solves the problems of dust and waste removal and spillage handling in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. DISAB’s vacuum technology is primarily used to reduce the downtime resulting from plant breakdowns or interruptions that have caused a spillage. With every minute counting, the material must be removed quickly to get the system repaired and back in action.

Some type of projects in foundries, blast furnaces and coke plants:

  • General housekeeping, cleaning around the working environment
  • Improving levels of productivity, Health & Safety
  • Recovery of spillages from around conveyor belts, mixers, crushers, unloading areas
  • Cleaning of crane bridges
  • Cleaning of process filters
  • and many more…

If you want some information about applications with our industrial vacuum equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us

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