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Road Vacuum Sweeper


A High-Vacuum Dry Road & Area Cleaner

Today’s challenge for efficient road and area cleaning and to curb city air pollution:

  • Road traffic permanently generates fine but hazardous particles (PM10 & PM2,5) deteriorating city air quality, causing health problems world-wide.
  • Dust and fine particles are also a major problem in many industrial sites (ports, industries, mines etc.), causing health and safety problems.
  • Traditional road sweeping is efficient to take away waste and debris, but normally
    • generates dust swirling around brushes and into the outgoing air from the machine
    • removes little of the hazardous fine dust & particles
  • As water or liquid often is sprinkled to prevent dust from swirling into the air when brushing,
    • the finest dust stay on the ground as a slurry – the particles stay on the surfaces and start to swirl up in the air once the water has dried up
    • some of the hazardous dust and particles are flushed down the water drains into sewage or water ways, sending the problem down-stream

Disa-Clean offers a unique solution as a high-vacuum cleaning system in combination with a road sweeper using no water:

  • The powerful high-vacuum system and 4-step separation with efficient particle filters
    • efficiently and permanently removes PM10 & PM 2,5 particles
    • secure a dust-free cleaning throughout the entire process, resulting in a nearly completely dust-free surface/area
    • prevents smaller particles to be blown out in the air again
  • Operating without water, there is no slurry containing hazardous fine dust left on the road surface – vacuum sweeping and dust removal can be done even during wintertime
  • With the advantages of high-vacuum technique, DISA-CLEAN operates as efficiently under wet conditions, leaving the area clean and nearly dry after vacuum sweeping
  • With no water used, and high operational speed, little time is lost on daily refilling, cleaning and servicing of the machine, giving an optimal productivity
  • Easy control system allows the operator to focus on the cleaning operation for better results and improved operational safety

The DISA-CLEAN is versatile, with options it can transform into

  • a powerful Vacloader, for all different types of material (water, stone, sand etc.), with a connected 8” hose
  • a tramway rail cleaner with the tramway trolley option
  • a snow-plough

–  DISA-CLEAN – a competent solution to improve the environment!  –

If you are interested in further information, please check out the related information below and/or contact DISAB on +46 413 55 43 00 or email:


“DISAB, well-known for its powerful vacuum machines in industry, has sponsored the European champion in drag-racing Leif Andreasson. DISAB may not use ethanol in our machines but the same ethos of speed, power and reliability runs through our vacuum machines in the same way as in drag-racing!”

See video below!


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