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Image Pipe System

Pipe Systems

We offer services to fit every customers specific needs. We provide System design, Drawings, Planning, Installation supervision, On-site management and Complete installations, depending on your requirements.

Our systems are always built for optimal performance and lowest possible maintenance cost.

Customer Adapted and Flexible Solutions

Your input together with our experience will give a cost efficient solution adapted to your needs.

We design the system consisting of industrial cleaning equipment that you need for spillage cleaning or material handling. Some examples of information that we need as base for the design are:

  • What type of work is to be done: cleaning, working environment, conveying, recycling, efficiency and quality improvement within the process
  • Type of material and expected volumes to be handled
  • How to handle the collected material – recovery or disposal
  • Information regarding location for installation and expected usage: distances/areas to cover, number of suction points
  • Additional information such as: risk of dust explosions, surrounding temperatures
  • Required capacity is calculated by how light or dense the material is
  • Recovery back to process or disposal of sucked material
  • Continuous or intermittent discharge
  • Number of operators using the system simultaneously
  • Short or long pipe system, according to customer needs
  • Special pipes and hoses adapted to the requirements from the industry

If you want more information don’t hesitate to  contact us


System with explosive protection

System with explosive protection/ATEX and discharge into Big-bag at chip board production

Image ex Cement recycling

System in a cement industry

System in a cement industry, recycling the material into the production

Fixed installed system

Fixed installed system with explosion protection and filter container (power and heating plant)

Pipe installation in boiler house

Pipe installation in boiler house

Customized pipe system

Customized pipe system


Customized pipe system in galvanized

Customized pipe system in galvanized and stainless steel, discharge to different landfills (disposal or recycling)


Complete system at straw-fired heating plant

Complete system at straw-fired heating plant, consisting of a filter separator (blue) adapted to a screw (grey) for recycling of straw back into the process


System with filter-separator and chamber lock discharge

System with filter-separator and chamber lock discharge for continuous suction and emptying of collected material.

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