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DISAB  BagVac™

Collect it, bag it and take it away!

The industrial cleaning machine DISAB BagVac™ offers fast and dust-free material collection in a stationary situation, either in combination with a centralised pipework system or using the BagVac’s own flexible hoses.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A high performance and rate of vacuum efficiency is achieved via the BagVac’s side channel exhauster, enabling long suction distances and fast recovery rates.
  • An integral hopper of  0.5 m3 capacity fitted with a 250 mm chute for discharge into large capacity or euro- bags means fast and fully enclosed material  recovery.
  • The unit including its  filter assembly  requires only minimal maintenance.
  • Easily manœuvred around any site,  using a standard forklift truck or crane.

If you want some information about the industrial cleaning machine DISAB BagVac™ don’t hesitate to  contact us

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