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DISAB SkipVac™

Compact suction performance, with its own skip.

The industrial cleaning machine DISAB SkipVac™ is a powerful, compact unit for removing dust or finings up to 40 mm debris, quickly and safely. Mounted on forklift sleeves and powered via most 32 amp 3-phase welding sockets, it will go wherever it is needed, and its long flexible hoses means you can access almost anywhere where dust builds up.

Key Features and Benefits of DISAB SkipVac:

  • A very high performance is achieved by the SkipVac’s 13 kW side-channel exhauster, operating through a filter separator fitted with treated needle-felt filter cassettes.
  • The combined power pack and filter assembly forms the heart of the unit, and is mounted on top of a self-tipping skip; separation is easy and safe using a forklift truck.
  • Fast and dust-free collection  is achieved directly into the skip through long and flexible operating hoses. When ready for emptying, the combined  powerpack and filter assembly is lifted clear by a fork lift truck leaving the skip clear to be emptied safely.
  • The complete unit including filter assembly requires only minimal maintenance.
  • Powerful enough to drive a centralised pipework system.


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