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The DISAB Group designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of world class products, applying vacuum-based solutions to all kinds of material handling requirements.

Established 35 years ago, the DISAB Group has developed a unique expertise in vacuum technology and its industrial applications, aimed primarily at dealing with wet and dry spillages, cleaning plant, general housekeeping, dust removal, and the recovery of valuable material. Our products,  DISAB Vacloaders / vacuum trucks, DISAB Industrial Cleaning Machines / industrial vacuum units, are used in many kinds of industries where these issues are a constant challenge.

All our products are supported by DISAB SERVICE SOLUTIONS and include spare parts and accessories as well as training, service and support.

+- Contractors Equipment: DISAB Vacloaders

DISAB VACLOADERS or industrial vacuum trucks, solve all kinds of waste management and materials handling (spillage cleaning) requirements with their truck- and trailer-based units, via their unique flexibility, 90%+ vacuum efficiency and up to 200 kW power on tap. There is a broad range of optional features for customers that need a tailor-made solution.

DISAB Centurion
DISAB Centurion™ LN

DISAB CENTURION™ LN DISAB Vacloader LN,  also called industrial vacuum truck, is equipped with a separate […]

DISAB Centurion™ P

DISAB CENTURION™ P DISAB Vacloader P also called industrial vacuum truck,  is driven by the truck’s […]

DISAB Vacturion
DISAB Vacturion Pre-separators

DISAB Vacturion Pre-separators Stationary and mobile pre-separators tailored to different types of dust and materials. Used […]

DISAB Vacturion roll-on roll-off

DISAB Vacturion roll-on roll off The TD5RR are complete self-supported vacuum units mounted on a roll-on/roll-off […]

DISAB Vacturion Trailer units

DISAB Vacturion trailer units Very high suction performance, wherever you need it… Diesel powered trailer units […]

DISAB Vacturion chassis units

DISAB Vacturion chassis units These units DL10 and DL14 are designed to operate as a stand-alone […]

+- DISAB Engineered Vacuum Systems
+- DISAB Industrial Cleaning Machines

DISAB CompVac™

DISAB CompVac™ Powerful, portable suction performance for the heavier workload. The industrial cleaning machine DISAB CompVac™ […]


DISAB  BagVac™ Collect it, bag it and take it away! The industrial cleaning machine DISAB BagVac™ […]

DISAB SkipVac™

DISAB SkipVac™ Compact suction performance, with its own skip. The industrial cleaning machine DISAB SkipVac™ is […]


DISAB Industrial Cleaning Machines or industrial vacuum units, are our heavy duty solution for local cleaning requirements. Easy to use, easy to move and much easier on the operatives from the manual handling risk perspective.

+- DISAB Industrial Vacloaders

VacuumTrucks SDC100
DISAB Vacuum Trucks

DISAB Vacuum Trucks Vacuum Truck are a series of mobile, diesel powered complete vacuum loaders that […]

Image TrailerVac SDT-20T

  TrailerVac TrailerVac are a series of mobile, electrical or diesel powered vacuum loaders that are […]

Image Ro-RoVac SDL
Ro-Ro Vac

Ro-RoVac are a series of mobile, electrical or diesel powered vacuum loaders that are mounted onto […]

DISAB Industrial Vacloaders

Mobile machines designed for tough industrial environment, easy to use and with a broad power range. They are complete powerful stand alone suction units ready to suck both dry and wet material. Together with a fixed pipe system they can operate as a perfect central vacuum unit for industrial applications and can of course also operate as an independent vacuum loader. Many different types of handling and discharging. Can be equipped to match different ATEX requirements.

+- DISA-CLEAN High Vacuum Road Sweepers

Road Vacuum Sweeper

DISA-CLEAN 130 A High-Vacuum Dry Road & Area Cleaner Today’s challenge for efficient road and area cleaning and […]


The DISA-CLEAN METHOD combines high vacuum technology with sweeper experience.

  • DISA-CLEAN high vacuum technology enables a superior fine dust removal way beyond conventional sweepers with its wide and unique nozzle
  • DISA-CLEAN needs no water for dust suppression
  • The DISA-CLEAN filter & separation construction puts a zero-limit on dust emissions
  • The DISA-CLEAN is versatile – it can also operate as a conventional vacloader
+- Spare Parts and Accessories

Genuine Parts

DISAB GENUINE PARTS Get guaranteed reliability – and reassurance – from DISAB Genuine Parts used for industrial […]

DISAFLOW Genuine Couplings System

DISAFLOW the Genuine Coupling System To build a fixed pipe or industrial cleaning system this is […]


CLEANING ACCESSORIES In these catalogues you can find all DISAB cleaning accessories. Our complete system of […]


The DISAB Group means not just the best industrial cleaning equipment or vacuum trucks available, but the best range of parts and accessories as well….


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