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DISAB Vacturion chassis units

These units DL10 and DL14 are designed to operate as a stand-alone vacuum loader for work with 6” hoses but can equally well operate as a central vacuum unit connected to a fixed tube system, facilitating multi-inlet cleaning. Truck engine power supply optimises load capacity as well as economy of operation.

The unit features:

  • Sturdy design.
  • Efficient high vacuum pump (>90% vacuum).
  • Filter system for dry & wet (DL10) material with air chock filter cleaning.
  • 220 kW, 8100 m3/h suction capacity.
  • On board storage of hoses, pipes and tools.
  • Hydraulically operated tailgate, tailgate lock and tipping.

The unit is designed for the industrial environment and is easy to use for the operator. Safety at work and low maintenance cost are features included in our philosophy.

If you want some information about the DISAB chassis units don’t hesitate to contact us

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