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What other people say about DISAB

  • Compared to when we cleaned manually, the central vacuum cleaning system from DISAB is a clear improvement.

    BSW Timber, UK
  • Our stationary vacuum system is smooth, safe and effective due to cost.

    Cementa Slite, Sweden
  • A DISAB SkipVAC ™ is not only faster, but also much safer and more efficient than a bucket and shovel.

    Anderton Concrete, UK
  • We are very pleased with the DISAB Centurion ™ P20, both the vacuum loader's performance and the professional treatment we received from DISAB employees.

    Puerto Sauce, Uruguay
  • What used to take us several days now only takes a few hours.

    Norcem A.S. Norway
  • The installation of DISAB's stationary vacuum system has made a big difference. We can easily clean where the material waste is at its worst at the moment, or where dust needs to be removed.

    Matilda Lewis - Specialist - Cory
  • DISAB SkipVAC ™ has good capacity, reliability and is easy to empty. It can easily handle 2-3 tons of flux without having to be emptied every five minutes.

    John Smith - Title - Tata Steel

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