Cooperation creates innovation in vacuum technology and provides new applications

Sometimes there are clear needs that demand given solutions of our vacuum systems. For example, when it comes to keeping it clean effectively. But often, when working closely with our customers, we can find unexpected application areas for our vacuum technology. The ingenuity is great. It is evolving and connects us closer to the users of our products. Innovation in vacuum technology creates new business for both us and our customers.

Digging suction for gentle and efficient digging

Everyone agrees that vacuuming is more effective than using a brush and bucket when it comes to removing dirt and dust. Vacuuming properly and with the right equipment removes the dust completely without getting it into the air. It’s old.

What may not be as widely known is that vacuum technology may be just what is needed when it comes to digging. Cables are damaged during excavation work which results in both major safety risks and costs. However, the risk of damaging cables during excavation work can be corrected by replacing the traditional excavator against a vacuum loader with suction extension, which soaks up the soil layer instead of digging with a bucket. How about digging with air?

The electricity company Eon is well aware of the costs related to cable breakage. It causes urgent power outages on subscribers and poses a major safety risk, which is associated with direct life danger for the workers carrying out the digging.

Joint development project that creates innovation in vacuum technology

An example of product innovation is the DISAB MultiFLEX hose arm (compatible with the DISAB Futurion™ vacuum loader) which was launched in 2019. DISAB MultiFLEX is a product based on a request from one of our customers. Here you saw the need for a product that could carry out all the traditional tasks that a vacuum truck can handle and be able to perform efficient digging.With the same machine.

Thanks to good input from committed customers, it quickly became clear that similar products that was already on the market, did not fully meet the customers demands for flexibility, maneuverability and versatility.

– This was the start of a development project that resulted in a very competent product with completely unique properties. In the early concept phase, many solution variants were evaluated and together with the customer and test host, the concept that became the basis for the hose arm that was developed.

The fact that the product was named MultiFLEX is no coincidence. Flexibility was at the heart of the customer’s original idea – they wanted a product that can be used for a wide repertoire of assignments, to expand their offers to the customer and thus add operating hours to their machine and generate profitability for their business.

Customer needs are at the heart of innovation

DISAB strives in its product development to capture the customer’s needs and is happy to cooperate with customers who come up with ideas. We’re convinced that close cooperation with customers results in sharper and more suitable products.
A good example of this is our cooperation with Tobias Ramberg at Sortera Industry.
Tobias solid knowledge of practical work with vacuum trucks in combination with DISAB’s methodical product development work has also led us to a new product, named DISAB Futurion, where the user’s needs come first and many small features that facilitates the daily work.

Learn more about how Sortera Industry avoids resource intensive cable breaks with excavators.

How do you use vacuum technology?

We do not just sell clean environments – we sell vacuum technology and all its possibilities. When you need a mobile vacuum system, we customize one for you.
We offer the latest technology and provide the highest quality service and maintenance for all our inventions.

All our customers have one thing in common – when it comes to cleaning it’s smart to keep clean and that you gain by doing so efficiently.

When it comes to applications for vacuum where you need powerful suction or blow, the possibilities are many. Here we strive to develop our products continuously, preferably together with you! We’re always looking for the best solutions for our customers.

How do you want to use your vacuum system? Is there any new area of use for you in your work? Get in touch with us. We are happy to explore your possibilities for an efficient vacuum system together with you.

What other people say about DISAB

  • Compared to when we cleaned manually, the central vacuum cleaning system from DISAB is a clear improvement.

    BSW Timber, UK
  • Our stationary vacuum system is smooth, safe and effective due to cost.

    Cementa Slite, Sweden
  • A DISAB SkipVAC ™ is not only faster, but also much safer and more efficient than a bucket and shovel.

    Anderton Concrete, UK
  • We are very pleased with the DISAB Centurion ™ P20, both the vacuum loader's performance and the professional treatment we received from DISAB employees.

    Puerto Sauce, Uruguay
  • What used to take us several days now only takes a few hours.

    Norcem A.S. Norway
  • The installation of DISAB's stationary vacuum system has made a big difference. We can easily clean where the material waste is at its worst at the moment, or where dust needs to be removed.

    Matilda Lewis - Specialist - Cory
  • DISAB SkipVAC ™ has good capacity, reliability and is easy to empty. It can easily handle 2-3 tons of flux without having to be emptied every five minutes.

    John Smith - Title - Tata Steel

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