Industrial vacuum systems

Tailor-made vacuum systems based on your needs

DISAB’s stationary vacuum system makes it possible to easily and efficiently clean, handle dust and materials and recycle waste in your industry. Together with you, we tailor an efficient vacuum system that facilitates daily work, reduces stop times and creates a clean working environment.

Areas of use
Tailor-made vacuum technology for industries

The possibilities of vacuum technology

All our projects are unique. Together with you, our engineers develop the best and most cost-effective solutions – based on your needs and challenges. We start from the material that is to be extracted, the size of the building, your business and your employees’ work environment. We are with you all the way. From design, drawings and planning to project management, installation, training and ongoing service. A stationary vacuum system consists of a combination of vacuum units, filter separators, pre-separators and piping systems. Here we offer a wide range, to find the most effective solution for your industry.

Vacuum technology, a sustainable and long-term solution for your work environment

We know what dust and dirt cost

Dirty workplaces and facilities cost. In both service costs and insurance premiums as well as an unhealthy work environment and unnecessary material waste. With a stationary vacuum system, you can effectively keep the working environment clean and safe, but also take advantage of and recycle material waste. Together with you, we make sure that the work environment is safe and secure for everyone involved. Results? Reduced risk of fire and dust explosions, reduced pollution in operator’s everyday lives, fewer service stops and more efficient production.

Adapted vacuum technology according to the customer's needs

Sustainable and long-term solutions

An industrial vacuum system from DISAB is always built from scratch to achieve optimal performance at the lowest possible maintenance cost. Long-term thinking and sustainability are obvious to us, which is why the vacuum system is adapted to be easily accessible during machine service and maintenance. With over 5,000 vacuum systems installed worldwide, we have tailored solutions for a variety of challenging circumstances – from hot steel mills, heating plants and heavy industry, to municipalities and construction operations. Always with flexible solutions, adapted to your challenges and expected results.

Benefits of DISAB’s industrial vacuum systems

  • The vacuum system is adapted and designed according to your industry or business
  • For rough cleaning, general cleaning, collection, transport and recycling of materials in your industry.
  • Improves the working environment. Ergonomic use in a dust-free environment.
  • ATEX-equipment options for some models.
  • Used in many different industries such as ports, foundries, steel mills, waste management, cement, concrete, municipalities and construction.
  • Can handle very hot materials, up to 600°C.
  • Cost-effective way to recycle valuable material waste.
  • Fewer production stoppages and downtimes thanks to an easy and fast collection of material waste. Reduces maintenance and service costs on other equipment in your industry.
  • Minimizes the risk of fire and dust explosions and helps you meet insurance requirements.
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This is how it works

  • 01. Challenge

    How can your work be facilitated with the help of vacuum technology? Together we go through your challenges.

  • 02. Design

    Options, customizations and features. We work to tailor a vacuum system to your unique needs.

  • 03. Proposal

    Together we go through sketches, offers and solutions.

  • 04. Education

    When you invest in an industrial vacuum system, education is always included through DISAB Academy – for safe and secure work for everyone.

  • 05. Installation

    We can of course help with both shipping and installation.

  • 06. Maintenance and service

    It doesn’t end with delivery and installation. Our service program is there to make your equipment work flawlessly, year after year.

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What other people say about DISAB

  • Compared to when we cleaned manually, the central vacuum cleaning system from DISAB is a clear improvement.

    BSW Timber, UK
  • Our stationary vacuum system is smooth, safe and effective due to cost.

    Cementa Slite, Sweden
  • A DISAB SkipVAC ™ is not only faster, but also much safer and more efficient than a bucket and shovel.

    Anderton Concrete, UK
  • We are very pleased with the DISAB Centurion ™ P20, both the vacuum loader's performance and the professional treatment we received from DISAB employees.

    Puerto Sauce, Uruguay
  • What used to take us several days now only takes a few hours.

    Norcem A.S. Norway
  • The installation of DISAB's stationary vacuum system has made a big difference. We can easily clean where the material waste is at its worst at the moment, or where dust needs to be removed.

    Matilda Lewis - Specialist - Cory
  • DISAB SkipVAC ™ has good capacity, reliability and is easy to empty. It can easily handle 2-3 tons of flux without having to be emptied every five minutes.

    John Smith - Title - Tata Steel
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