DISAB Centurion™ P30

A vacuum loader for dangerous goods

DISAB Centurion™ P30 is designed for suction and blowing of wet and dry materials, both horizontally and vertically. The vacuum unit is equipped for the transportation of dangerous goods according to European ADR regulations. Customize your vacuum loader with a variety of options.

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Quick facts

  • Blow
  • Hightip
  • Suction
  • Tipper
  • Dry material
  • Transport (ADR)
  • Wet material
  • Max Vacuum 950 mBar
  • Max Air Volume 8100 m³/h
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Vacuum loader for dangerous goods

Vacuum loader with ADR for transportation of dangerous goods

The DISAB Centurion™ P30 gets its power supply from the truck’s engine and is equipped with a suction and blowing function as well as an ADR function that makes it approved for transporting dangerous goods. The vacuum loader consists mainly of a fixed engine room with a vacuum pump that is powered by the truck’s engine. The vacuum unit can be used in many different applications and the round tank makes it ideal for both wet and dry applications. Satisfied customers can be found in the cement industry, steel mills, paper mills and power and energy plants. 

disab vacuum loader for dangerous goods

Vacuum unit with a stable and user-friendly design

Emptying of the material is done by easily tipping the tank, and the tailgate is hydraulically operated through a double-acting hydraulic cylinder. The vacuum loader can optionally be equipped with a high-tipping function, which increases the unloading height and provides more optimal emptying in containers. When you invest in a vacuum loader from DISAB, education for the operator via DISAB Academy is always included, here you will be certified and educated in how to safely and cost-effectively use the vacuum loader’s full potential. 

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Benefits of DISAB Centurion™ P30

  • The design utilizes the truck engine via a separate gearbox, which gives the operator a quiet and vibration-free ride.
  • Accordance with the ADR classes: 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 8, 9.
  • Approved tank according to S4AH for dry material and L4AH for liquid.
  • Emptying is done either by tipping the tank or pneumatically via a hose.
  • A power take-off is mounted between the gearbox and the rear axle, through a Cardan-shaft drive the power is transferred to the power transmission belt that drives the vacuum pump.
  • Optional handheld radio, ergonomic and safe for the operator.
  • Many options make it possible to adapt the vacuum unit to your needs.
  • Operator education via DISAB Academy is included.
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What other people say about DISAB

  • Compared to when we cleaned manually, the central vacuum cleaning system from DISAB is a clear improvement.

    BSW Timber, UK
  • Our stationary vacuum system is smooth, safe and effective due to cost.

    Cementa Slite, Sweden
  • A DISAB SkipVAC ™ is not only faster, but also much safer and more efficient than a bucket and shovel.

    Anderton Concrete, UK
  • We are very pleased with the DISAB Centurion ™ P20, both the vacuum loader's performance and the professional treatment we received from DISAB employees.

    Puerto Sauce, Uruguay
  • What used to take us several days now only takes a few hours.

    Norcem A.S. Norway
  • The installation of DISAB's stationary vacuum system has made a big difference. We can easily clean where the material waste is at its worst at the moment, or where dust needs to be removed.

    Matilda Lewis - Specialist - Cory
  • DISAB SkipVAC ™ has good capacity, reliability and is easy to empty. It can easily handle 2-3 tons of flux without having to be emptied every five minutes.

    John Smith - Title - Tata Steel
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