Futurion™ Q20 MultiFLEX

Efficient vacuum loader for digging, suction and blowing

DISAB Futurion™ Q20 MultiFLEX is specially designed to handle a wide range of assignments and materials. Equipped with the DISAB MultiFLEX™ hose arm, you can blow, suck up and transport materials or let the vacuum extractor serve as an effective digging method when laying cables and pipes.

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Quick facts

  • Blow
  • Digging
  • Hightip
  • Suction
  • Tipper
  • Dry material
  • Wet material
  • Max Vacuum 900 mBar
  • Max Air Volume 11000 m³/h
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Futurion Q20 Multiflex handles varying challenges

Vacuum loader for wet and dry materials

The DISAB Futurion™ Q20 MultiFLEX is designed to effectively handle varying challenges – it rises high along a house wall or digs deep underground. The DISAB MultiFLEX™ hose arm can be used for the same applications as DISAB’s other hose arms, but the area of use is further broadened thanks to its digging function. Wet, dry, clumsy or fine-grained material can be easily handled by the hose arm, where the vacuum function effectively sucks up the material through a 10” hose. 

MultiFLEX with a long-range hose arm

A long-range hose arm

The DISAB MultiFLEX™ is made of high-strength steel that makes it lighter and at the same time extra strong to face all the challenges that the market requires. It is placed on the vacuum loader’s tailgate for the best possible range and a safe working environment. DISAB MultiFLEX™ is designed with five sections on the arm to provide a long-range behind the machine. A special rotator function is placed on the tool mount of the arm and is used to increase the power and create more efficient digging. 

Product Sheet

Benefits of DISAB Futurion™ Q20 MultiFLEX

  • Optimized work surface of 180° without having to move the vehicle itself.
  • Easy to operate using radio control.
  • Large opening angle for easier emptying.
  • Equipped with a 10” inlet hose which gives an increased loading capacity at a short distance.
  • Good load capacity thanks to the weight and design of DISAB MultiFLEX™.
  • Optimized hydraulic system.
  • Blow function.
    Modern control system with smart IoT solutions provides better overview and control.
  • Interactive radio system that displays relevant operational data for the operator.
  • A power take-off is mounted between the gearbox and the rear axle, through a Cardan-shaft drive the power is transferred to the power transmission belt that drives the vacuum pump.
  • Education for operators via DISAB Academy is included, here you will be certified and trained in how to safely and cost-effectively use the full potential of the vacuum loader.
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What other people say about DISAB

  • Compared to when we cleaned manually, the central vacuum cleaning system from DISAB is a clear improvement.

    BSW Timber, UK
  • Our stationary vacuum system is smooth, safe and effective due to cost.

    Cementa Slite, Sweden
  • A DISAB SkipVAC ™ is not only faster, but also much safer and more efficient than a bucket and shovel.

    Anderton Concrete, UK
  • We are very pleased with the DISAB Centurion ™ P20, both the vacuum loader's performance and the professional treatment we received from DISAB employees.

    Puerto Sauce, Uruguay
  • What used to take us several days now only takes a few hours.

    Norcem A.S. Norway
  • The installation of DISAB's stationary vacuum system has made a big difference. We can easily clean where the material waste is at its worst at the moment, or where dust needs to be removed.

    Matilda Lewis - Specialist - Cory
  • DISAB SkipVAC ™ has good capacity, reliability and is easy to empty. It can easily handle 2-3 tons of flux without having to be emptied every five minutes.

    John Smith - Title - Tata Steel

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